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Ayurveda in Deutschland


Ayurveda in Germany


Often our european guest were asking for a possibillity to enjoy the full authentic ayurveda program also in Central Europe. Not everybody is in the condition to conduct a more than ten hours flight.


Additional is the opportunity to use the Doctors in the German retreat to book a refreshing course or to get an ayurvedic consultation in between.


Long time we were searching for the ideal place to offer real panchakarma treatments in a supporting and calm area. We found it amidst the Bavarian Forest in the south of Germany on the edge of an small and quiet traditional Bavarian Village “Schoenau” which means “beautiful lea”.


The Ayurveda Resort in the Bavarian Forest


The former village school on a southern slope in the small village of Schoenau, which is under monument protection, offers after reconstruction ideal possibilities for carrying out classical Panchakarmakur.
Seclusion and calmness of the Bavarian Forest support the necessity to "fall into the cure".
The future retreat will have an indoor area of 1200 square meters and will have specially adapted treatment rooms. The therapy area offers an indoor pool and several relaxation rooms as well as a fireplace room. The restaurant with open Ayurveda kitchen, a medical room for daily consultation and a conference room. Yoga and meditation takes place in the winter balcony.
The 10 rooms for spa guests will be simple and lovingly furnished and all have a balcony. The outside area also has several resting corners on different terraces of the southern slope with a view of the pond in the landscaped garden.

Ayurveda Clinic Bavaria


The village of Schönau is embedded in the jungle landscape of the Bavarian and Bohemian national parks.
The medical Panchakarma cure
The Resort Schönau is a pure ayurvedic resort and can only be booked for ayurveda guests.
The classical Panchakarma cure is performed after completion and opening under the direction of our Sri Lankan Ayurveda doctors.
For the doctors there are two apartments in the house which garantees a 24 hours standby.

The course of the authentic Panchakarma cure corresponds to the same requirements of the "Department of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka" and is carried out exactly as in our houses in Sri Lanka. This includes the Panchakarma methods, daily consultations as well as an individualized vegetarian ayurvedic cuisine.

Opening of the Resort

We are expecting the opening in the middle of 2017 but we will inform you on this website about the exact dates and details such as the rates as soon as we know this. We also do this with a circular letter so if you are interested, please write an email to:

For English-Russian-Bulgarian Language
Angelika Borisyuk
Phone:  +359 895 417 959
For German Language
Katrin Vatter
Phone: +49 216 381 141


Schoenau Ayurveda Kurhaus

Vattersgarden GmbH
Schönau 5 ½
94234 Viechtach