Ayurveda - Typical Day

during a Panchakarma treatment in the Vattersgarden Resorts with Hospital Registration

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It is already mentioned in the ancient texts of the Vedas that there is a similar rhythm for body, spirit and soul like in the entire univers.

It is called Samsara, the cycle of return and the native Ayurveda is following this procedure of circulation or repetition. This cognition is suggesting to start into the day in the Vata - Time and we want to show here a typical Ayurveda day during the treatment course with the example of Susan, who is a woman in the middle of the fourties. She is a Kapha-dosha type and in the second treatment week.

Even though it is hard for her - due to her main dosha - to get ready for the day early in the morning, the tropical sourrounding is motivating her to get up with the sunrise. And indeed she is realizing that it is more easier to use this Vata time.

6 o'clock

. . .first of all after awakening she is taking a big glass of hot water which the service boy has placed at the door.

After a small washing she is going to the Yoga hall and joining the daily yoga lesson

6:15 am – about 15 minutes of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama exercises

6:45 am –half hour of guided meditation

7:30 am – enjoying the Ayurvedic breakfast 

9:00 am – Doctors’ consultation

9:30 am – first treatment, i.e. foot massage

10:00 am – retreat time

11:00 am – Abhyanga treatment, a four hands full body massage

11:45 am – retreat time

1:00 pm – Ayurvedic lunch, individually prepared

3:00 pm – Katibasti treatment - oil pressure procedure for the back

3:30 pm – Abhyanga treatment, leg massage

4:00 pm – Svedana treatment, steam box for detoxifying

4:45 pm – retreat time

6:00 pm – guided meditation

7:00 pm – Ayurvedic dinner 

9:00 pm – bed time to expect the next treatment day…….

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