Vattersgarden Ayurveda

Medical Ayurveda including the classical Panchakarma treatments in our Resorts with Hospital Registration in Sri Lanka and soon also in Germany.

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka direkt am Meer

Vattersgarden was a palm plantation and in 1991 rebuilded as an typical Srilankan “Ayurveda Garden”. Some years later it became a project supported by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka. Now Vattersgarden has achieved a hospital registration under the supervision of the Department of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka and can offer the authentic ayurveda treatment in the Beach Resort Kottegoda and Ayurveda Villa Sarana

Here are guests staying who like to combine a tropical holiday with a medical ayurvedic cure and want to get rid of illness and deseases or coming just for prevention, rejuvenation and detoxification.

Overview Beach Resort Kottegoda

Blick vom Restaurant auf den indischen Ozean

Vattersgarden Resort Kottegoda is located directly at the beach. It is a pure Ayurveda Hotel and can be booked only for Ayurveda treatments.
The two acres palm plantation with its 13 double rooms has plenty of space and is offering a wide sandy waterfront for beach walks.
For the intensive care there are three Ayurveda Doctors working and a 24 hours standby. Communication language is english.
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Overview Ayurveda Villa Sarana in Negombo

Ayurveda Villa and pool

The Ayurveda Villa Sarana has the character of a private clinic and is chosen by guests who are not insisting to cure directly at the waterfront.
Thereby the rates are allowing longer stays for more intensiv care about deseases which are assured by two Doctors for the 5 rooms. Also the short airport transfer from about 20 minutes is appreciated.
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Preview Ayurveda Resort Bavaria in Germany

Ayurveda in Deutschland

Ayurveda in Germany can be interesting for guests who are looking for a shorter flight duration or even can come by car or train or want to enjoy the exotic of the Bavarian Forest which is a jungle reservation nearby the Austrian and Czech Border.
Therefor we are currently reconstructing in the village "Schoenau" a former school building. We are expecting to get ready in autumn 2019.
Please let us know if you are interested in the exact opening so we can keep you updated by email.
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Preperation, Reservation and Booking

For further information or questions please get in contact by phone or mail with 
Katrin Vatter
Katrin Vatter
or by phone +49 2163 – 8 11 41
mobil +49 151 – 22 66 16 07
Vattersgarden Ayurvedic Clinic (PVT) Limited
Hospital Registration 6-3/3/76 Department of Ayurveda
B.O.I. Project and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Approval
Verwaltung und Supervision:
81180 Kottegoda – Lunukalapuwa - Sri Lanka